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Telewebion is the largest IPTV service provider in Iran that archives television programs such as movies, serials, football matchs. Users can also watch live on more than 50 TV channel via live streaming. Telewebion is available on web and mobile (Android and iOS) and Android TV.

My Role

My role as Product Design Manager in Telewebion.

Design Prcoess

User Research > Prototyping > Design


  1. Gathering information about business from stakeholders, product manager and marketing team.
  2. Collect data from Google Analytcis & Firebase.
  3. Starting an usability study for finding problems base on heuristic evalution.
  4. Benchmarking with competitors.
  5. Start monitoring user activities with CrazyEgg.
  6. Step by step improvment and A/B testing.
  7. Redesign website, home page, episode, movies and serials.
  8. Usability testing and UX KPI's for number of watched video, time on site and bonus rate.
  9. Improve user problems and finalize.


More than 500 videos from TV programs are added daily to the Telwebion, many users visit the Telewebion for watching movies, serials, football and other programs, but the user time was low, as well as users leaving the site after viewing one video.


Research and Usability Study

We start a usability study program and testing with CrazyEgg for finding users how to surfing our website, and also gathering user's feedback from support, comment on app stores and social media. We found this problems:

  • Navigation cliks
  • Most viewed channels
  • User scrolling



Changes step by step

Ideation & Wireframing

Changes step by step

User Interface (Before/After)

Design pages, home page, eposide page


  • Improve the Bounce rate from 45% to 15%.
  • Increase user’s time on site from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Improve navigation menu for better findability.
  • Add advertiments
  • Improve player experience on desktop and mobile


Stats & Highlights

8 m
Time on Site
Bounce Rate
Alexa Rank