Parham Baghestani

I'm Parham Baghestani, a Product Designer.

I'm a Product Designer with 10 years of experience (Research, UX Design & Usability), Now I'm living in San Francisco, CA , if you want to reach out just an email , my full resume on Linkedin , my designs on Dribbble and my works are here .

My focus on crafting a better experience and solving user's problems and cross-platform design, and currently working on Thumb Zone as a freelancer.



Telewebin is a live streaming platform and archive of more than 50 TV channel with 8 milion users.

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Cold Express

A mobile application that provides end to end solution for air condition maintenance and repair.

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A project in digital banking.

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Thumb Zone

Mobile usability testing and UX research platform for study about mobile users behaviors

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But I'm a Football fan

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