Parham Baghestani

Cold Express


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Cold Express is a mobile application that provides end to end solution for air condition maintenance and repair.
My role as Usability Tester.


  1. Gathering information about product and users from stakeholders.
  2. Starting an usability study for finding problems base on heuristic evalution.
  3. Creating wireframes
  4. Creating user flow and scenarios.
  5. Redesign dashboard and menu.
  6. Deliver to Visual Designers.
  7. Review after final design.


Information Architecture & Testing

We found this problems:

  • Access to menu is very hard.


User Flow

Design Improvment


  • Change navigation from "navigation drawer" to "bottom navigation" for improve accessibility.
  • Qucik access to user profile from Dashboard.
  • Improve UI colors for better findability.

Usability Inspection Redesign